Built-in CarPlay and Android Auto for PX6 Six-core vertical screen head units

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  • Admire the luxurious interior of Tesla cars? Get this stunning Tesla-style radio for your car and enjoy the luxury everyday. Available for more than 100 different late-model vehicles.
  • Plug and Play. No wiring needed unless otherwise noted.
  • Retain most vehicles' factory steering wheel control, backup camera, etc. Gain touch control of auto A/C for many vehicles.
  • Installation of Android apps in Play Store and from “Unknown sources”. GPS navigation with Android app of your choice.
  • Capacitive multi-touch vertical display. Running smoothly. WiFi Internet connection. Bluetooth music and calling. MirrorLink with smartphones. Optional TV, DVR modules, etc.
  • Please send us a picture of the dashboard of the car showing the OEM radio and A/C control panel to confirm compatibility. Please see below for compatibility and other details.

This item is only to be purchased together with PX6 Six-core vertical screen head units. It's usually not possible to be added after unit is shipped. This feature may not be available for some models. We will let you know and refund the item if you purchased it but it's not available for your unit.

Note: Please use USB1 or OTG USB port of the head unit. Also, for OEM USB retained vehicles, OEM USB ports may not work well with CarPlay and Android Auto, so please avoid using USB1 or OTG USB port to retain OEM USB.

If Car Auto app is lost after reset, please reinstall the app by downloading the apk here.

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