[ Hot-sale ] 12.1” Android 12 Vertical Screen Navigation Radio for Jeep Wrangler JL 2018 - 2023

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  • Admire the luxurious interior of Tesla cars? Get this stunning Tesla-style radio for your car and enjoy the luxury everyday. Available for more than 100 different late-model vehicles.
  • Plug and Play. No wiring needed unless otherwise noted.
  • Retain most vehicles' factory steering wheel control, backup camera, etc. Gain touch control of auto A/C for many vehicles.
  • Installation of Android apps in Play Store and from “Unknown sources”. GPS navigation with Android app of your choice.
  • Capacitive multi-touch vertical display. Running smoothly. WiFi Internet connection. Bluetooth music and calling. MirrorLink with smartphones. Optional TV, DVR modules, etc.
  • Please send us a picture of the dashboard of the car showing the OEM radio and A/C control panel to confirm compatibility. Please see below for compatibility and other details.

[ Hot-sale ] 12.1” Android 12 Vertical Screen Android Navigation Radio Car Stereo Head Unit Audio Player in-dash Receiver for Jeep Wrangler JL 2018 - 2023

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* All 2018 - 2023 Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator are compatible. One set of hardware and software settings fit all. No longer need to worry about changing settings for your specific vehicle.
Android 12 fast boot system. Newer, safer, more compatible and faster.
Built-in 4G with dual SIM support. 
* More OEM features, including Off-road pages, Hybrid electric pages, select tire fill alert, are supported.
OEM mic supported for better phone call quality.
OEM front and rear cameras and guideline settings are fully supported.
* OEM USB and AUX ports supported.
OEM amplifier and subwoofer supported.
* Speedometer media info works better than OEM.
* Customizable physical buttons and knobs.
* Color changing RGB LED with eight color modes and customizable color.
* Bluetooth music and phone calls and CarPlay and Android Auto.
* Touchscreen as well as physical knobs and buttons for AC control.
* Steering wheel control buttons programmable for AC control.
* Android Apps from Play Store and APK installation.


  • This Android Navigation Radio Can Be Installed in Jeep Wrangler JL 2018 - 2022.
  • Both Manual AC and Auto AC are compatible. We have software set up in our factory for your vehicle. No need to worry about programming.
  • OEM backup camera, front camera, steering wheel control is retained. 
  • OEM AUX and USB ports retained.
  • Off-road pages and Hybrid electric pages are retained.
  • Please contact us if you have questions.

Main Features:

  • 12.1 inch vertical touch screen. 
  • Physical buttons and knobs for many A/C operations, independent of touchscreen functionality.
  • Supports full screen display of navigation map.
  • 4 or 6 g ram 64 or 128 g rom.
  • Plug and Play, no wiring required. 
  • Cannot Wireless connect Apple carplay, only can Wired connect Apple and Android carplay (Only for Android 9 unit)
  • Installation of Android apps in Play Store and from “Unknown sources”.
  • GPS navigation with Android apps of your choice.
  • WiFi Internet connection. Bluetooth music and hands-free calling. MirrorLink with smartphones. Touch control of auto A/C. Display car info like RPM, speed. Optional TV, DVD, DVR modules, etc.
  • Retains factory backup cam, USB, steering wheel control, etc.
  • Support most audio and video format. 
  • EQ balanced audio processing technology and 5.1 DSP Audio.
  • Support RCA rearview camera and other RCA Video input.
  • RGB LED backlights for physical knobs and buttons, color customizable, and color changing effect availabe.

Optional Accessories:

  • Compatible DVB-T, DVD, DVR comes at different prices and designs.
  • Please contact us for more information.






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